Virtual Applicance mode

Backup ESXi with Veeam

Backup Esxi with Veeam

The backup of an ESXi can be performed using different mode. On this topic i see Virtual mode Appliance.

  • Direct storage access mode
  • Virtual appliance mode
  • Network mode

Less efficient than Direct storage access mode, Virtual appliance mode offers better performance than Network mode. It is recommended to use this mode in case the proxy backup role is assigned to a VM. With the Virtual appliance mode, Veeam use VMware SCSI HotAdd capability for attaching device to a VM while the VM is running. Thus, during the backup, the disks of the virtual machine are attached to the backup proxy. The data is written directly (for backup) or recovered (for recovery) from the data store. This avoids the use of the network, which is much more expensive in terms of resources. It’s possible to use Virtual Applicance mode for this operation :

  • Backup
  • Replication
  • VM copy
  • Quick migration
  • Entire VM restore
  • VM disk restore
  • Replica failback

Prerequities for Virtual Applicance Mode

For use Virtual Appliance Mode, you need validate this prerequities :

  • Backup proxy must be intalled in a VM
  • The ESXI host on which the backup proxy is deployed must have access to the virtual machine datastore
  • Backup server and backup proxy must have the latest version of VMware Tools installed.
  • SCSI 0:X controller must be present on a backup proxy (without this controller, Virtual appliance transport mode will fail).

Add new vSphere to the Veam console

From the Veeam console, click Backup Infrastructure and then Managed Server. In the central panel, click on VMWARE VSPHERE.

Add ESXi on Veeam Console Virtual Applicance mode

Enter the DNS Name or IP Address of your vCenter.

Add vCenter

Click Add into the Credential tab for add new credentials. Enter the credentials and click on OK for validate. An information message appear about certificate, ignore this message. An detecting server type starting.

Add credential vCenter Console Virtual Applicance mode

Add Credential  Console Virtual Applicance mode

When the detection has finish, click on Finish button. Your server appear now on VMware vSphere tab

vCenter on Veeam console Virtual Applicance mode

Configure Backup Proxy Server

In the Veeam console, open Backup Infrastructure view. Select Backup Proxies on the menu. On the ribbon, click Add Proxy and select VMware.

Add Backup Proxies server console Virtual Applicance mode

A new window appears, click on Add New.

Add news proxies server on Veeam  console Virtual Applicance mode

Enter the server name and click on Next.

Add new proxies server

A new window appears, select credentials or click on Add to enter new credentials.

Enter credential Veeam console Virtual Applicance mode

A component Transport will be installed. Click on Apply to lauch install.

install components Transport console Virtual Applicance mode

Click on Next and Finish when installation of components has finished

install components Transport console Virtual Applicance mode console Virtual Applicance mode

Into the New VMware proxy windows, click on Choose buttom for select Transport Mode. Select Virtual Appliance and click OK. You can select connected datastores and Max concurrent tasks.

Add new VMware proxy server

On the traffic rules windows, click on Apply.

Validate configuration

Click on Finish, server has been present into the veeam console.

Add Proxies server

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