Backup ESXi with Veeam

Backup Esxi with Veeam

The backup of an ESXi can be performed using different mode.

  • Direct storage access mode
  • Virtual appliance mode
  • Network mode

Less efficient than Direct storage access mode, Virtual appliance mode offers better performance than Network mode. It is recommended to use this mode in case the proxy backup role is assigned to a VM. With the Virtual appliance mode, Veeam use VMware SCSI HotAdd capability for attaching device to a VM while the VM is running. Thus, during the backup, the disks of the virtual machine are attached to the backup proxy. The data is written directly (for backup) or recovered (for recovery) from the data store. This avoids the use of the network, which is much more expensive in terms of resources. Continue reading

Upgrade ESXi version

Upgrade ESWi Version

After the installation of your ESXi and after many years of use, it is important and necessary to upgrade the version. This upgrade allows the use of new features but also the correction of possible bugs. These operations are performed through the command line. First download putty, use this URL for download tools :
Link for Putty
Install and execute putty, enter host name or Ip Address.Before you connect, you need activate SSH on your ESXi Continue reading