Self-signed certificates issue – KB2806


Self-signed certificates issue

Veeam reported a bug with the self-signed certificates. Generated during installation, it is used by the backup infrastructure to secure the communication.Note that the certificate is valid for one year. Following the installation of Update 3, abnormal behavior occurs when opening the Veeam Backup console.

Eleven months after the installation of update 3, an error message appears when the console is opened. You receive Failed to check certificate expiration date error message. If this message is ignored, the Veeam features are interrupted and Agent management and granular restores fail.

Error Message Certificate expired Veeam

How to resolve problem

The problem is solved using Update 4, however it is possible to solve the problem by recreating the certificate. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that no backup job is started. Open the Veeam Backup and Replication Console and access to General Options.

Veeam General Options Self-signed certificates issue - KB2806

Select Security Tab and click on Install button.

Configure certificate on Veeam

Select Generate new certificate option and click on Next.

Generate certificate Self-signed certificates issue - KB2806

If there is no backup job started, you can click Yes on the Windows.

Information message before generate veeam certificate

Enter the Friendly Name that you want (or leave the default name) and click on Next.

Generate Veeam certificate 1 Self-signed certificates issue - KB2806

A new certificate has been generated, click on finish. New certificate has now been configured.

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