Restore physical Linux computer

Physical server backup

Linux Agent

You can use Linux agent for backup and protect linux physical server. After that deployed Veeam Linux agent, the Following components are deployed :

Veean Agent for Linux Servce : this service permit to manage all tasks and ressources in Veeam Agent for Linux. This components are Registered as a daemon in the Linux OS. Service has started automatically when OS start. Veeam Agent for Linux Job Manager : This process is started by Veeam Agent for Linux Service for backup job session. The Veeam agent is started by Veeal Agent for Linux Manager, he permit data transfer operations (from the backup location to the target volume, …). Veeam Agent for Linux driver : Veeam driver for Linux, he permit to create volume snapshots in the Linux server. SQLite is used for store configuration data.

Standalone and Managed Operation Modes

Veeam Agent for Linux can used by two modes. The Stansalone mode Veeam Agent operates as a standalone product. With this mode, you need install manually the product on the computer that want you protect. If you use the Standalone mode with Veeam Backup & Réplication, you can use a veeam Backup repository as a target location.

With the managed mode, Veeam Agent for Linux operates Under control of Veeam Backup & Réplication. The deployment has operated remotely from Veeam Backup & Réplication console. All operation as Data protection, disaster recovery, … are performed by backup administrator in Veeam Backup & Réplication console.

Data backup

The Veeam Agent for Linux permit to create multiple backup (individual backup scope, backup in different locations, …). The backup created in the Veeam Agent for Linux can used the Following locations

  • Removable storage device
  • Local computer drive
  • NFS or SMB (CIFS) network shared folder
  • Backup repository managed by a Veeam backup server
  • Veeam Cloud Connect repository

Create protected backup

The protected group permit to organized all physical computers/servers that you want to backup. You can use protected group for computer on the same os (linux or Windows) or the same type (laptop, desktop, …).

On the Veeam Backup & Réplication console, click on Inventory tab.

Select inventory tab on the Veeam console. Restore physical Linux computer

Select Physical & Cloud Infrastructure and click on Add Group on the rubbon.

Add protected group on Veeam console Restore physical Linux computer

A wizard appear, enter the name of the group and click on Next.

Enter the name of the protected group. Restore physical Linux computer

Select Individual computers and click on Next.

Selecthow you want populate the computer on the group. Restore physical Linux computer

With Add button select the desired computer. In my example i want backup my Debian server.

Select the desired server that you want backup. Restore physical Linux computer

Enter the name and IP of the Debian Server and select or add credential.

Add credential for connect to Linux server. Restore physical Linux computer

Configure option as you want and click on Next.

Configure planification Restore physical Linux computer

Validate the different Windows and click on Apply for lauch the creation of the group.

Lauch creation of the protection group Restore physical Linux computer

Click on Next and Finish. The Agents discovery session begin.

Agents discovery session Restore physical Linux computer

Veeam Agent has been installed on Linux server.

Install Veeam Linux Agent Restore physical Linux computer

Backup Job

Backup Job can be now created. On the Home tab, click on Backup and on Backup Job in the ribbon. Select Linux Computer.

Create Veeam  backup job for Linux server  Restore physical Linux computer

On the Job Mode windows, select Server and Managed by Backup Server option. Click on Next for validate the choice.

Validate the job mode option

Enter the name of the job and click on Next.

Enter the name of the Veeam Job

With Add button, select the desired computer/server that you want backup.

Add computer or server that you want backup with Veeam

Select the Backup Mode that you want. I choose to backup completely my server, so i choose Entire computer option.

Select the desired Backup mode option

Select the repository and click on Next. COnfigure other option (Schedule, …) and click on Finish. The backup is now been created and can start.

Finish the creation of the Veeam backup job.

After few minutes, backup has finished. You can now restore the physical linux server/computer if you want.

Start Veeam Backup

Restore Linux computer

Before restoring Linux computers/server with Veeam Agent, you need download the Veeam Linux Recovery Media. You can use this link : Download Veeam Linux Recovery Media. When download is finish, boot on the Veeam Linux Recovery Media. Accept the terms of the licence and click on Continue.

Boot on the Veeam Media for restore server

Select the restoration type. I want to restore the operating systems and all file. I leave the default choice.

Choose the desired restore mode

The backup is managed by my Veeam Backup & Réplication server. I select the option Add VBR Server for the Backup location.

Choose the desired restore mode

Add VBR server for select backup

Enter the different information abour the server (IP Address, …).

Add information about Veeam Backup Server

Select the backup job and the restore point.

Select the backup job and the restore point.

In the column In Backup select the volume that you want restore. On the keybord use the key “s” and “Enter” for start restore.

Restore volume

The restore job start … WHen is finish, you can reboot the server.

Restore job start

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