Certificate for IOS device

Certificate for IOS device

Certificate for IOS device

If you want to manage your IOS device into Airwatch platform, you need generate an apns certificate. This certificate permit at Airwatch to securely communicate with your devices. Airwatch use certificate to send notification to the device.

Generate IOS certificate

From the platform Airwatch, click on Groups & Settings and on All Settings.

Configure Airwatch groups Certificate for IOS device

From the Devices & Users, click on Apple then on Apns For MDM. Click on Override for generate new certificate.

Configure APNs for MDM Certificate for IOS device

Click on Generate new certificate for generate new certificate. You need download Airwatch Certificate request. Click on MDM_APNsRequest.plist for download the file.

Download MDM APNs Request Certificate for IOS device

When the file is downloaded and if you have an Apple ID, click on GO TO APPLE.

Go to Apple for generate certificate

Apple Portal appear, enter your apple ID credentials and clik on Sign In. You can see all certificate generated, this portal also allows you to generate new certificate. From the Apple portal, click on Create a Certificate.

Create certificate

Check the box “I have read and agree to these terms and conditions” and click on Accept. With the Browse button, click select the previously downloaded file. Click on Upload to upload and generate certificate. You can now Download the certificate with Download button.

Download certificate

Certificate can now be imported into Airwatch portal. From Airwatch, click on Next to validate Step 1 and go on Step 2.

Add Certificate on Airwatch

Click on Upload button to upload APNs Certificate, you need enter Apple ID and click on Save.

Add certificate on airwatch

Certificate has now been created and uploaded. You can nox enroll your IOS device, if you generate new certificate (not renew certificate), you need re-enroll your device. Certificate has valid for one years, you need renew certificate before this expiration date. You can found the expiration date and creation date into the Airwatch console. When you renew certificate, you need use the same Apple ID, otherwise you need to re-enroll your device.

Apple certificate has been added

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