Backup Hyper-V Server with Veeam

Backup Hyper-V Server

Veeam Backup& replication offers complete integration with Hyper-V. It is therefore not necessary to install an agent to recover data from a VM. Backup is performed using Microsoft VSS Snapshot and checkpoint features. When the backup is launched, Veeam Backup requests that a snapshot of the VM be created. This copy becomes the data source for backup. During the first backup, a full backup is performed, thereafter these backups will be of incremental types. Continue reading

Backup ESXi with Veeam

Backup Esxi with Veeam

The backup of an ESXi can be performed using different mode.

  • Direct storage access mode
  • Virtual appliance mode
  • Network mode

Less efficient than Direct storage access mode, Virtual appliance mode offers better performance than Network mode. It is recommended to use this mode in case the proxy backup role is assigned to a VM. With the Virtual appliance mode, Veeam use VMware SCSI HotAdd capability for attaching device to a VM while the VM is running. Thus, during the backup, the disks of the virtual machine are attached to the backup proxy. The data is written directly (for backup) or recovered (for recovery) from the data store. This avoids the use of the network, which is much more expensive in terms of resources. Continue reading

Problem HotADD

Error Messages during backup

Configuration file has unexpected changes and during backup proxy virtual machine terminates


VMware has released a new KB to fix a backup problem on an ESXi 6.5. During backup, the proxy backup takes the invalid state. The following symptoms appear. Continue reading


Self-signed certificates issue

Veeam reported a bug with the self-signed certificates. Generated during installation, it is used by the backup infrastructure to secure the communication. Note that the certificate is valid for one year. Following the installation of Update 3, abnormal behavior occurs when opening the Veeam Backup console. Eleven months after the installation of update 3, an error message appears when the console is opened. You receive Failed to check certificate expiration date error message. If this message is ignored, the Veeam features are interrupted and Agent management and granular restores fail.

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Veeam PN for Azure

Veeam PN for Azure

This solution is a free solution at Veeam. It brings new features to the Veeam solution by allowing restoration in Azure or creation of a VPN connection. It can be used for the following purposes :

  • Create site-to-site VPN betweeen company office and Microsoft Azure to connect VM restored in Azure
  • Create point-to-site VPN between remote computers and Microsoft Azure to connect VM restored in Azure
  • Allow connection to the corporate network to a remote user via Microsoft Azure

Azure PN use Open VPN technology to connect Azure network and company network. Continue reading

Problem with Update 3a

Problem with Update 3a

Thanks to Anton GOSTEV for the information on the Veeam update 3a problem. Veeam is currently investigating a regression of Hot Add performance on VMs with a very large number of disks. Hot add times went to 20-30 min as opposed to normal 1-2 min. The temporary fix consists in putting the proxy in network mode. You will soon find in this article the definitive solution

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Install Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5


The installation of Veeam Backup Server requires some prerequisites. It is necessary to first have the .Net Framework 4 and an SQL server. In both cases, when installing Veeam, these prerequisites will be installed if it’s not present. In production a Standard SQL Server database may be recommended.
Veeam requires permissions to operate, it is necessary to grant permissions on elements of the infrastructure. Note that the user account that performs the installation, must have local Windows server administrator rights.

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