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Universal Licence

Veeam Universal Licence Veeam has made changes to its licensing program. It is common to find a physical servers, virtual servers, databases, … Veeam adapts and offers universal licenses. Thus with this type of license it is possible to protect your virtual machine :

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Backup copy

How you can Backup copy with Veeam The Backup Copy feature allows you to create multiple instances of the same backup file. This file is then copied to a second location (fairly regularly off-site). Since the file on the secondary location has the same format as the primary backup, it is possible to restore from …

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VeeamON Forum Paris

VeeamON Forum Paris VeeamON Forum France 2019 is the Veeam event. The customer and partner ecosystem is brought together to address potential data protection issues. N°1 in France and Europe with more than 330,000 customers worldwide, this event allows Veeam to showcase their vision. You will also be able to see how Veeam Availability Platform …

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