Backup VM with Veeam

Backup VM with Veeam

Configuring Backup Repositories

Before you can backup VM with Veeam, you must create a Backup Repository. Click on Backup Infrastructure, Backup repositories and then click on Add Repository.

Add backup repositories

A new wizard starts, enter the desired name and click Next.

Name of Backup repository

Select the type of Repository you want (Windows Server in my case) and click on next.

Choose type of Backup repository up

Select the desired server and click on the Populate button. The different volumes appear in the console. Select the volume and click on the Next button.

Select volume desired Backup VM with Veeam

Enter the desired path and click on Populate. Confirm the selection by clicking on Next.

Select path for backup repositories Backup VM with Veeam

Click on Next in the Mount Server window and then on Apply. Click on Finish when the operation is completed.

Validate operation

Backup repositories has been present into the Veeam console. It’s possible to configure the backup job.

Create backup job

From the Veeam console, click on Backup infrastructure then on Backup Job. In the menu, click on VMware vSphere.

Create backup jon on console veeam

A wizard starts, enter the desired name and click on Next.

Wizard for backup job on Veeam console

Click on Add to select the VMs. It is possible to select the desired order for saving using the Up or Down button.

Select VM on Backup Job

Select the Backup Proxy with the Choose button and select the backup repository. Configure the number of Restore points to keep on disk.

Configure backup proxy and backup repository Backup VM with Veeam

Configure the schedule as desired so that the backup is done automatically. Click on Apply and Finish. The job has now been created. you can now backup VM with Veeam.

Schedule backup job Backup VM with Veeam

Job has been created

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