Backup Hyper-V Server

Backup Hyper-V Server with Veeam

Backup Hyper-V Server

Veeam Backup& replication offers complete integration with Hyper-V. It is therefore not necessary to install an agent to recover data from a VM. Backup is performed using Microsoft VSS Snapshot and checkpoint features. When the backup is launched, Veeam Backup requests that a snapshot of the VM be created. This copy becomes the data source for backup. During the first backup, a full backup is performed, thereafter these backups will be of incremental types.


You need enabledFile and printer sharing must in network connection settings of the added Microsoft Hyper-V host. This will allow the following components to be deployed

  • Veeam Installer Service
  • Veeam Data Mover Service
  • Veeam Hyper-V Integration Service

If you use SCVMM, you need install SCVMM Admin UI on the backup server. Without this console, SCVMM can’t be added SCVMM on the backup infrastructure. SCVMM console version must match with the management server version..

Added Hyper-V Server to Veeam

On the Veeam console, open Backup Infrastructure view and select Managed Servers. Click on Add Server.

Add Server Hyper-V on Veeam Console Backup Hyper-V Server

A new Windows Appear, select Microsoft Hyper-V.

Select type server added on Veeam console Backup Hyper-V Server

Select Hyper-V if you want backup Hyper-V or SCVMM Server.

Select Hyper-V Server Backup Hyper-V Server

A new wizard appear, enter the DNS name or IP address of the server and click on Next.

Enter DNS Name or IP Address of hyper-v server Backup Hyper-V Server

Select the type of the server and click on Next.

Select type of Hyper-V server

It is necessary to enter the credentials of an administrator account. Select an account that has already been created from the drop-down list or click on Add.

Select Credential for connect to hyper-V

Enter the username and password of an administrator account and click on OK.

Enter credential of an adminsitrator account

Account has been present on wizard. Click Next to validate the choice.

Account has been present on wizard.

Select the task limit that you want and click on Apply Task limit permit to limiting the number of concurrent task.

Configure Task limit and click on Apply

Configuration is on progress.

Configuration is on progress

Click on Finish when configuration is finih. Hyper-V Server is now correctly added on backup infrastructure.

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